This section of the website covers resources and information that are available to help you with fire safety.

Free Chipping Program

Sonoma County has had a free chipping program for a few years now. Info about it is at

Post Fire Tree Recovery



Pre-Evacuation Checklist

Here is the checklist. It is not what to bring with you, but how to prepare your house so it can survive a fire and help firefighters save your property.

Hydrant Design Details

Download the county document that shows the suggested placement and design for your hydrant here

Earthquake Preparedness.

Download the Red Cross Earthquake Preparedness checklist here

Download the excellent handbook from the US Geological Survey here (large: 5MB)

Scanner frequencies

Download this PDF file for a list of local frequencies used for emergency response. You can also monitor Sonoma County Fire radio traffic at Click on the Live Audio Feeds button to the left of the page.

Cal Fire / CDF:

If a fire breaks out, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (aka CDF or Cal Fire) is the agency that has responsibility for fighting the fire. The MVFD is the first responder to any fire in our area and our volunteers work with Cal Fire once they arrive on the scene and take command. The Cal Fire web site covers many topics from defensible space to current fire incidents. You can access this information at the following web site:

If there is a fire in the area, and Cal Fire is involved, you can get the latest information on size and containment at this web site:

FireSafe Sonoma:

The charter of this group is to educate, exchange information, foster fire prevention and fire safety practices, promote vegetation reduction projects, obtain grants, support local fire agency efforts and involve everyone who works, lives or plays in our rural areas. They publish “Living with Fire in Sonoma County” which is an excellent 15 page color brochure that has great information about defensible space, landscape design, and construction for our area. You can download it here:

Xeriscape Gardening and Fire Resistant Plant Lists

Learn about Xeriscape (low water) gardening on this link:

Here is a list of  water wise & fire resistant plants from the website of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This short list includes includes nice photos of each plant. Click on the small photos to get details of each plant:

The second list is more comprehensive and comes from the Diablo Fire Safe Council. It contains those plants that were recommended for use in fire prone environments by at least 3 references. All of the plants listed here were given either a high or moderate fire resistance rating in the references where a rating was assigned.

And finally from the Marin Municipal Water District  comes a very comprehensive list that tags plants as Native, Fire Resistant, Butterfly friendly, and whether they are Invasive. (this is a PDF file)

Fire Safe Council:

The Fire Safe Council, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and other organizations have developed several educational brochures that home owners may use to help protect themselves from damaging fires. The brochures are free to the public and can be downloaded at this site:


There is an excellent video on Utube called “Controlling Nature's Wrath”. It has some stunning (and sobering) fire footage, and covers fire safety in California from many angles. You can view the video at this link:

Minutes from the Sonoma County Fire Services Advisory Council June 26 meeting

MVFD is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.